Elevate your archery experience with our premium, state-of-the-art crossbow bolts and arrows, customized to fit your unique style and preferences. Our exclusive collection features some of the most distinctive and eye-catching arrow wraps available, designed to embody and enhance the hunter's instinct within you.

What People Are Saying

Amazing Product

"Best arrow that I’ve ever shot, very durable to be a lighter gpi arrow, and the components are very HEAVY DUTY”

Dean D. U.S

Better Quality

”After shooting Nimrod arrows vs my spartan Black Eagles... I'll only shoot Nimrods from now on”

Ryan S. U.S


"Every arrow out of a dozen was within +/- 3 grains fully built, that is very impressive”

Jack K. Canada

Pricey but…..

”when I first looked into custom arrows on social I kept seeing Nimrod arrows but was hesitant on the quality vs price, once I received the arrows I knew quickly that the quantity vs price was on par and was very impressed”

Erik K. U.S

Customer Service is 100%

"This business is so knowledgeable and very friendly, took time to explain every question and concern I had to best fit my needs also it’s a family owned business. It was definitely worth the wait on these arrows. They turned out great and fly amazing!!”

Kameron H. U.S

Hands Down The Best

"I’ve ordered arrows from other custom arrow builders and Nimrod has been the most consistent in flight and weight also has more options when it comes to components and wraps customization”

Kevin A. U.S